Antonio E. Granda Manzano


Originally Cuban, height 6.1, Brown eyes, Black hair

Perfect Spanish, fluent English and Turkish (which email to use?)

(347) 843-3713

Employment History:

Bevertainer ​at Rio hotel (cocktail server)​​Las Vegas, NV​​October – June 2018 ​

Sales Rep ​for Aptive Environmental​​CA-WA​​​May- August 2017

??​​Joe and the Juice ​​​Manhattan, NY​​December 2016 ​​

Scooper at Davey’s ice cream shop ​​Brooklyn, NY​​September 2016


Dance Experience:

January 2018: ​​Divas by Frank Marino ​​​​​​(Las Vegas)

Mar 15May 7, 2017:”Saturday Night fever” Riverside Center for the Performing Arts(Fredericksburg, VA)

Nov 2016: ​​NYC Dance Carnival ​​​​​​(New York City)

Oct 2016: ​​Park Avenue Armory gala ​​​​​(New York City)

June 2016: ​​Kat Capone’s “Through the Looking Glass: A Masquerade” (New York)

May 2016: ​​Cocoadios ”Life + Death + Chocolate” ​​​​(New York)

Nov 2013Jan 2016Soloist & Line Dancer for Fire of Anatolia National dance company of Turkey International tours: Macedonia, Cyprus, Moscow Kremlin Palace & Kazan, Italy Expo Milano 2015, China

May 2013: ​​Miss Turkey – Opening jazz performance​​​​(??)

November 2012: Sony Xperia advertisement ​​​​​(??)

May 2012: ​​18th Annual Turkish Music Awards – Ajda Pekkan& pop star summer concert tour

March 2012: ​​BP 100 years anniversary celebration ​​​​(Istanbul)

February 2012: ​​Billionaire Club ​​​​​​​(Istanbul – Bodrum)

      Music videos and commercials:

 Sihirli MaceraHepsi group,   ”Belli BelliYildiz Husmanova,   ”SimalYildiziSimal,  

Kalbimdeki ImzaDemet Akalin,   Nyame Nhyira” Perfekta Ekpo,   WOM commercial  (add dates?)




August 2018: ​​AFAN Black and White party advertorial ​​​​(Las Vegas)

July 2018:​​Superdry Fashion Show at Fashion Show Mall​​​(Las Vegas)

July 2013: ​​Casper Tablets Billboard advertorial​​​​(??)




Expert in Salsa, Commercial Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern Dance, Waltz, Freestyle, and Singing

September 2015: Starcentral Magazine ”Sexiest man of the month”

2012: Turkey’s Got Talent

      Wushu Kung Fu Styles:

-Fast Long-stick,  Tai-chi & Fast Sword,  Fast Broadsword,  Tai-chi & Fast Long-spear,  Chains (single & double),  

Tai-chi Kung Fu San (single and double fan)

      Teaching experience:

 Latin Dance Fitness/Zumba ​​United Sports Club ​​​​(Istanbul)



Dance Music and Martial Arts (what does this mean?)

Manuel Piti Fajardo (sports) Wushu Kung Fu Cuban academy​​​​

Projecto Cultural ”Arte Cubano”

Casa de Cultura Habana Viejz

  • Jacket: 40
  • Shoe: 11.5 US
  • Hair: BLACK
  • Eyes: BROWN