Male Modeling

From runways to television ads, exhibitions to editorials, male models are everywhere. They do the same job as their female counterparts. If you are looking to jump into this field, we have some information that could be helpful.


Be prepared 

To become a male fashion model, you have to be mentally and physically prepared. This career needs a lot of patience and perseverance. You might not get work immediately and have to sit idle for few months or even a year. Don’t lose hope during the tough times. Just be calm, cool, and look for the right moment to kick-start your career.



Male models usually rang in height from 5’11” to 6’2” and are a maximum of 175 pounds. They usually are between 18 and 25 years of age. Maintain your physique. You should be lean, fit, and healthy. Your body should be flexible enough to develop changes as required by the project you are doing. 


Move to a big city 

It’s best to move to cities like Las Vegas, New York, or Los Angeles where there are plenty of opportunities for those new to the industry.


Create a portfolio 

Use your best professional photos to create a marketable portfolio. Remember that it’s far better to have a few great quality photos than multiple poor quality photos.


Find a reputable agent 

An agent acts as the link between you and the company hiring you. Find a reputed and reliable agent and beware of scams and frauds. You may be turned down many times, but do not let this break your spirits. Just keep going until you find the agency for you. It’s extremely important to make contacts who can help you with your career. They may help you get a big break.


The fashion industry is always on a hunt of new faces. If you are determined to become a fashion model, nothing can hold you back.